Personal Training

Forms, Movement, Posture, Strength

AHP now offers bespoke fitness training at your home, workplace, condominium gyms, private gym, or an outdoor space at your convenience in Singapore. Train effectively under the supervision of AHP’s premium personal trainers and achieve your desired goals in the least amount of time. Even better, learn and understand why, what and how you are working out to be self-independent in the long run. Unlike classes in fitness studios, we will cater to your schedule and provide you with a trainer based on your flexibility needs. Start on your fitness journey right now with us!

Fat Loss

Think Fat Loss, Not Weight Loss

Losing fat is not the same as losing weight. Fat loss is about lowering your total body fat while maintaining lean muscle mass. You want gradual and steady progress that is sustainable. We will tackle fat loss smartly by building a solid foundation first. Once your body mechanics are optimised, you will get maximum results in minimum time! No fads, no trends, just pure science.


Building Blocks

Whether you are into yoga, spin, Barre or HIIT, the fact of the matter is that building strength matters. Lift heavier, get stronger, leaner, better, faster. A strength and conditioning program combined with a solid grasp of movements and techniques will create the most effective workout ever to achieve  your peak performance and unlock your full potential.


Back To Basics

Functional movement training is all about coaching movements, not muscles. It mirrors how humans were meant to move and helps to make us move even better. By engaging several muscle groups at once, we will force your body to function as a single unit, build strength holistically,  thus improving coordination, neuromuscular control and ultimately prevent common injuries such as knee and lower back pains while working out.


Learn only the good stuff, Unlearn the bad.

Corrective movement training addresses muscles imbalances and asymmetries to instil a solid foundation into you when you run, jump, squat or move. Corrective Exercises optimises your body mechanics, improves functionality, and helps you unlearn bad habits and techniques previously acquired to achieve greater yield from your workouts in the same amount of time with minimal injuries going forward. Think of it as pain-free workouts for life!

Our trainers have an eye for detail and will ensure that your movements and techniques are precise and on point in a world class 1-1 coaching format