Personal Training Redefined

Corrective Movement Specialists. Form & Technique Perfectionists. Fat Loss, Strength & Conditioning Experts.

Located in the heart of Singapore’s CBD, A Higher Place Gym is a premium Personal Training studio that not only deliver results but also equips you with the knowledge to go above and beyond.

A Cut Above The Rest

Simply The Best.

Our skill-sets set us apart from other generic trainers in commercial and boutique gyms. Areas of expertise include Prehabilitation, Rehabilitation, Corrective Movement Training, Strength & Conditioning, Fat Loss and many more.

More Than A Workout

Preparing you for beyond.

We believe strongly in coaching via education. Understanding yourself, your posture, weaknesses and strengths will give you insights on what is actually hindering your progress and stopping you from achieving your results.

Making Fitness Accessible

For Anyone.

It doesn't matter if you're completely new to working out, haven't been or have been exercising for years. We will assess your current level of fitness, experience and limitations and introduce you to an accessible entry point where you are able to achieve realistic short term goals and thereafter medium - long term goals.

All About Basics

Having a Rock Solid Foundation Goes a Long way.

Moving pain-free and understanding movements is of upmost importance! We will break down, analyse your movements and help you re-learn them entirely to improve functionality and efficiency in your body so that you can achieve your goals in the shortest amount amount of time with minimal risks and injuries.

Challenge Yourself to go Higher

A Higher Purpose, Level, You.

At AHP, we strive to empower you to be the better version of yourself simply through education. Personal training is not just about making you do countless repetitions of exercises, sweating buckets or relying on us constantly when you workout. It’s about helping you understand yourself, exercises and using the right muscles during workouts.

The AHP Club

We tailor individual programs based on your goals, from fat loss to strength and conditioning and more. With proper guidance and a better understanding of your body, you will gain greater clarity, insights and education about your transformation journey to achieve your desired results in a sustainable manner.

Your fitness journey doesn’t end with us. It’s a new beginning to the way of life. Join our family. We'll show you that it’s more than just a good sweat session.

This isn’t one of those heavy-lifting PT sessions at the gym – they involve physiotherapy as well. Dara assessed me at the start and created a program specifically to suit me and my goals. She taught me how to activate my core and other muscle groups correctly (which I had no idea I had been it incorrectly all this time). Dara is a very patient and attentive trainer. I’ll be back for more!


Tennis Player

Great experience! They did an accurate analysis on my body posture and structure simply through evaluating my movements, and designed a series of exercises targeted on my weak areas. Through the classes, I’ve discovered a few of my bad posture habits and ways to correct them. I enjoy the privacy of working out in this studio, unlike the other membership gyms I used to go to.



Great session and was very informative. Trainer started with a fitness level assessment and was able to personalise the session to achieve my goals. Was also experienced and knowledgeable, and advised on how I can be more effective in my own training. Tiring but great workout to improve form and strength. Suitable for females. Place is nice and will be back.